Successful go-live at The Printers Mysore Limited in India

The large Indian newspaper publisher The Printers Mysore creates its daily newspapers entirely using the editorial system Content-X and other software solutions by ppi Media.

The Indian media company opted for a complete publishing production system by ppi Media to make the production workflow for the daily newspapers Deccan Herald and Prajavani and other publications more efficient and future-oriented. At the end of June, the first stage of the project started with the production of the papers‘ inserts. After a gradual transition, the dailies themselves are now also produced entirely with Content-X, the successful editorial system developed by ppi Media and Digital Collections. In addition to Content-X, The Printers Mysore also use a range of other ppi Media products, including the planning suite PlanPag, the ad production system AdMan and the e-paper solution CX epaper.

22 August, 2017. The fact that Content-X can process different font systems is paying off for The Printers Mysore in the Indian state of Karnataka. Both the daily Prajavani, which is produced in the regional language Kannada, and the English- language daily newspaper Deccan Herald are produced with the editorial solution Content-X now. The transition to the new editorial workflow only took a few months, the go-live of the dailies was accompanied closely by ppi Media and Digital Collections staff on site. Content-X allows the editors of The Printers Mysore Ltd. not only to create print products more efficiently and in a structured way, the introduction of Content-X also forms a productive basis for the company’s future digital strategy. The system is being used by numerous other media companies in Europe, Asia and the US, and is based on the internationally successful DAM system DC-X by Digital Collections, which enables journalists to work extremely flexibly thanks to its browser-based Story Editor and its line-by-line preview.

The daily Prajavani is printed at seven different locations and is published in 32 regional editions across Karnataka. The daily Deccan Herald is the biggest English-language Indian newspaper of the state and one of India’s top ten English- language newspapers. The Printers Mysore also produce two magazines in Kannada with Content-X.

„We are happy about the smooth implementation of the solutions into our production process“, says Tilak Kumar, Joint Managing Director at The Printers Mysore. „It is clearly noticeable that our day-to-day work has become much more efficient and we are immensely grateful for the extremely knowledgeable support from the staff at ppi Media and Digital Collections here on site. Thanks to the excellent cooperation, we could implement the solutions swiftly in just six months.“

About The Printers Mysore

The Printers Mysore (Private) Limited is a bilingual private limited newspaper and magazine publishing company that is family-owned and managed, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. The Printers Mysore was founded by K N Guruswamy in 1948. It publishes the Deccan Herald and Prajavani newspapers and Sudha and Mayura magazines. It has printing and distribution centres in Bengaluru, Hubli, Davangere, Hospet, Mysore, Mangalore and Gulbarga. The group has a combined monthly print readership of nearly 4 million. The daily print readership of Deccan Herald and Prajavani is 32,55,000 (IRS 2014). The group employs 1050 staff, which includes 400 journalists with bureaus across Karnataka and India. It is a publishing group with a reputation for editorial independence and integrity because it has no political affiliations and comes with a pure-play media focus.