Million-copy daily updates with three new presses

Three new Mitsubishi newspaper presses are to be installed at million-circulation Japanese daily Hokkaido Shimbun.

The 2/1 format DiamondSpirit presses will be installed successively at the main printing facility of the company’s subsidiary Doshin Sogo Printing in Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido, between July 2018 and September 2019.

The format – now popular in Japan and India – uses half as many plates per cylinder than a two-around press, and lowers power consumption and space requirements.

Hokkaido Shimbun’s origins date to the first publication of Hokkai Shimbun in Sapporo in 1887, and the merger of 11 newspaper companies into Hokkaido Shimbun in November 1942, making this its 75th anniversary.

The paper, with morning circulation of more than a million copies, is popularly known as ‚Doshin‘, and a Doshin Sports edition and other speciality newspapers are also published.

The print subsidiary has six locations throughout Hokkaido and also prints national and regional papers under contract.

The newspaper press order is the first MHI-PPM has received from Hokkaido Shimbun Press since those for its Asahikawa plant in 2001. Some 40 DiamondSpirit presses have now been delivered, based on factors such as reliability, print quality and running costs. The presses will be installed while existing are still in operation.

MHI-PPM has announced that it will be become part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems on October 1, but says it plans to build on this order to enhance its focus on providing specific solutions-based marketing, uncover diverse customer needs for newspaper offset presses both in Japan and worldwide, and support the newspaper industry. The group employs 80,000 and has annual consolidated revenues of around US$38 billion.

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